Theoprax Expert Talk: Hybrid and Electric Drives

Hybrid and electric drives for high performance sports cars – architectures and technologies for high end applications


Applying electric motors to high end sports cars can increase the performance significantly.

The presentation will include hybrid and electric architectures above 1000 hp and up to 500 kph. The H8-DCT-850 hybrid transmission with integrated axial flux motor, which is in serial production since 2021 will be presented as the basis architecture. The outlook will show an all-new architecture to enable a top speed of up to 500 kph. Finally, the second generation of the ULTEVATE Platform for BEV drivelines will be presented, enabling up to 800kW (2x400kW) on the rear axle and up to 400kW on the front axle. Cutting edge technologies for future applications, like Form Litz Wire Winding technology and Multi-Level-Inverter will be shown as an outlook on component level to increase efficiency and continuous performance.


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hackl

Current position since 2021: hofer powertrain Chief Operating Officer
Responsible for the development of electric powertrains, batteries, transmission systems including hybrid transmissions as well as VCUs

Professional background:

  • 2002-2004 ZF development engineer for CVT transmissions.
  • 2004-2013 hofer powertrain several management positions, including technical director and
    authorized representative of hofer research and development, Austria
  • 2013-2015 AVL Vice President Commercial Powertrain Offroad & Tractor
  • 2015-2021 Magna Powertrain Director Electric Drive Systems


  • Master of Science Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics at TU Graz
  • PhD at the Institute of Automotive Engineering TU-Braunschweig

Part-time teaching:

  • 2001 Technical University Graz Lecturer for Dynamics
  • 2005-2006 FH Hamburg Lecturer for Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics
  • Since 2020 University of Applied Sience Upper Austria Lecturer for Drive Train Controls


As part of the series „Theoprax Expert Talk“ | Theoprax – an initiative of AMM / IPM / MEWI