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Stimulating start of studies with the AMM IPM Makeathon

To dive into the interdisciplinary aspects of their studies on a fast track, 40 new international AMM and IPM master students participated at the annually AMM-IPM-Makeathon, which took place at the welcome week. Thereby the students were confronted with a technology innovation by Fronius International, for which they had to develop new business models.

Based on the basic principle of Design Thinking, five interdisciplinary teams of students created a variety of ideas in a short time, had heated discussions, rated and rejected a lot again. Finally, after constant feedback of Fronius and their coaches, they focused on the promising approaches and then developed the right business model. At the end of those intense days, there was the “Pitch”: In just three minutes, each team presented its prototype for the respective business model and delighted both the representative of Fronius and the coaches of the Makeathon, Prof. Alexander Brendel-Schauberger and Prof. Kurt Gaubinger.