In-depth know-how in global business management

The triple degree programme GSM equips the students to develop and manage general business, sales and marketing activities for future international companies. For such managers it is essential to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills and to know how to handle background challenges of a culture. In today’s digitalized and globalized markets understanding and making use of technological developments, influencing business processes, but also the ability to combine virtual and physical customer touchpoints is indispensable.

Time schedule

Essential Information

Master of Arts in Business (MA) (MBA)

4 Semester (120 ECTS)

Annual Intake:

Admission Procedure:
personal interview, tests and case study

online or in writing by 30th June at the latest

Admission Procedure:
personal interview, tests and case study

Compulsory Studies:
in Taichung/Taiwan at Providence University and in Mexico at CETYS University, Ensenada (Baja California)

Tuition fees:
Information about tuition fees and ÖH contribution


Head of Studies:
Prof. DI Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer

Vice Head of Studies:
Prof. Mag. Robert Füreder

Programme Administration:
Aline Kesehage

University of Applied Sciences
School of Management
Wehrgrabengasse 1–3
4400 Steyr/Austria
Phone: +43 5 0804 33003

Did You Know that ...

... Austria is one of the strongest export countries in the European Union?

Focus of Austrian’s industry are innovative and high quality products and



... Taiwan is considered to have achieved an economic miracle, becoming one

of the world’s leading computer technology producers?


... Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and due to the

NAFTA membership the bridge to USA?