Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I get to Steyr?

  • The nearest Airport is Linz, but there is a very good train connection from Vienna International Airport (this is the nearest big International Airport) to Steyr –
  • You can also arrange a pickup via SMS that is a Taxi company who arranges transfers to and from the Airport
  • Your Buddy can pick you up from Steyr train station and guide you to your apartment.

Where do I get my keys from?

  • Your buddy will have the keys for the apartment and he/she will guide you there. It is important to answer their Emails.

 What is a "buddy"?

  • A buddy is a student from FH Steyr who voluntarily helps you during your stay in Steyr. He/She will get in contact with you before the semester starts and will help you during your first days in Steyr and will be a friend throughout your semester abroad and hopefully stays a friend forever :-)

When can I move into my apartment?

  • You can only move in to the apartment on the first day which is stated on your contract (Tenancy Agreement).

What can I do when I want to arrive in Steyr before that date?

Do I have to attend the Orientation Week?

  • Yes! There is no exception. You will get all important information for your semester in Steyr during this week, furthermore there already 2 mandatory lectures during this week.

Who is responsible for what?

  • Confirmations / Learning Agreement / Courses / … - the International Office is responsible for everything concerning your studies
  • Apartment / Room / Contract / rental payment / …. – the housing agency is responsible for all those issues. You get the contact data with the letter of acceptance!
  • Pick up from the train station / guiding to the apartment / keys for the apartment / …. – Your SISN Buddy is responsible for those issues. He/She will definitely get in contact with you approx. 1 month before the semester starts!

When will I receive the confirmation of accommodation?

  • After you are accepted, you can get in contact with the housing agency. As soon as the contract is signed and all payments are done you have your confirmation for applying for Visa ect…

What insurance do I need while studying in Austria?

  • You need a valid health insurance for the whole duration of your stay in Austria. There are a few options which are accepted: