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Xabier Gardeazabal, Spain

"During my two-year stay for my Master in Hagenberg I enjoyed the warm company of a rich international community while I also learned about many cool topics related to software development, focused on mobile technologies. I loved the student community overall, but the friendly and dynamic mood that I as a student could have with the teachers (and most of the FH staff, as well) really impressed me."

Michael Troger, Austria

"I’m studying Mobile Computing because I believe that the mobile computer devices, wearables and the IoT are very promising technologies for our future. There are not that many universities that offer a degree specialised in this area. The theoretical and the practical knowledge that you get at the university is very valuable (for getting a job) and make it simple to find an interesting and a well-paid job. There is a great working environment at the university. If you get stuck, you most likely will find somebody to help you."

Ravdeep Kaur Arora, India

"I strongly believe that an engineer should be instinctive, innovative, and quick to adapt and adopt new technologies, which is only possible with a solid foundation and an in-depth knowledge of various subjects. I applied for my master in Hagenberg got the opportunity to learn about the most recent advances in the technologies and techniques that play a crucial role in the design of large real-world systems. Equal emphasis is laid on both theoretical and practical aspects of the degree programme which makes our courses very interesting and interactive."

Pieter-Jan Grondelaers, Belgium

"Since Hagenberg is often called the Silicon Valley of Austria, it is the perfect place for me. I love computers, adore the local start-up scene and have always wanted to deepen my knowledge in mobile software techniques. What I really like about living on campus is the international spirit. I have friends all over the world, we play football together and organize numerous parties at the local pub."

Pol Fernandez, Spain

"I am studying at the University of Applied Sciences because of its good reputation, well-structured courses and very qualified academic staff. I believe my studies abroad will broaden my perspectives, help me gain more confidence, personally and professionally, and give me the chance to become more independent and eventually find an interesting job."

Elene Zueva, MSc

Pol Fernandez, BSc