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Enhancing Online Examination Systems

Sep 2014 - Feb 2015
FH Studierende
Shrikant Havale
FH BetreuerIn
FH-Prof. DI Stephan Selinger

Enhancing the one of most widely used e-Learning platform, Moodle. Adding features like provision for programming assignment in quiz, automatic evaluation of programming assignments and descriptive questions.


Recently, using computers and information technology are making revolution in education systems. They have many advantages as low costs and convenience of being at any location for the exams, automatic evaluation, after exam analysis etc. Consequently, online exams are widely used. They are more convenient and flexible relative to traditional exams. They also reduce the overall expenses of processing exams especially in saving papers, storage, and materials costs. And more over help evaluators of exam to work out efficiently and spend quality time in teaching and designing exams.

Here, we try to understand the e-learning or online examination systems. We study their implementation, features, evaluation techniques and try to improve them or provide new features.

There are several areas or sections in the examination systems like

  • Types of Question it can handle
  • Extent of Automatic Evaluation
  • Security, Authentication and Authorisation
  • Handling different cheating mechanisms
  • Statistical analysis of exam question and result.

And among all these areas, work is done specifically in improving the capability of system in handling (providing provision and automatic evaluation) different type of questions like

  • Drag and Drop
  • Match the following
  • Hierarchical Ordering
  • Programming
  • Descriptive Questions
  • and list goes on ......

We focus on solving problems in two particular areas: provision for online programming assignments (feature of coding, self compilation for students, evaluation of answers for student, and also automatic evaluation for professor after submissions of results) and provision for online descriptive questions (capability of automatic evaluation and percentage match for the result).