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Optical MIMO

Mar 2018 - Jul 2018
FH Studierende
Michael Plattner
FH BetreuerIn
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerald Ostermayer


This project tries to improve the performance of visual light communication between vehicles by utilizing MIMO. Multiple modulated taillights of the preceding car are used to transmit data and multiple cameras at the succeeding car receive the signal. These resulting stereo images are then combined to filter environmental influences like reflections of the sunlight.


Multiple researchers of the Research Group NEMO Networks & Mobility are working on the project "Connected Vehicles". This project is split into many subprojects, one of them called "Optical Data Transmission". The aim is to offer an out-of-band channel for the communication between vehicles, to protect it from intruders that try to manipulate messages. Modulated taillights are used to transmit data to the succeeding vehicle, which uses a camera to receive the messages. Hence, this visual light communication is hard to fake, it can for instance be used to transmit verification messages after executing an asynchronous key exchange over the wireless main channel.

Optical MIMO tries to improve the performance of this optical out-of-band channel, by using multiple differently modulated taillights for sending data and multiple cameras as receivers. With the use of multiple cameras, the captured stereo images can be combined to filter environmental influences like the reflections of sunlight or traffic lights. This should reduce the amount of false positives when trying to recognize switched on taillights.