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V2X Intersection Surveillance System

Oct 2017 - Feb 2018
FH Studierende
Mustafa Baris Cicek
FH BetreuerIn
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerald Ostermayer


Intersections are the most complex driving environments where injuries and fatal accidents occur the most. This project is one attempt to reduce accidents and increase safety around intersections using available technologies like V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) communication.


The main idea of this project is that there are two systems communicating to each other. One system is placed at the intersection and consists of an EVK-3300 and an IP-camera. The other system is placed inside the car and consists of the second EVK-3300 and a smartphone tablet.

As the driver approaches the intersection, the two V2X modules initiate a connection and start sending the image data from the camera to the smartphone/tablet (over the EVK-3300). Therefore, a live stream of the blind spot is visible inside the car.

This is realized with three applications. Two of them are ITS applications written in C where each is running on an EVK-3300 evaluation kit, which is provided from Kapsch TrafficCom AG. The third app is an Android application, written in Java. The systems themselves (camera and EVK-3300 as well as smartphone and EVK-3300) are connected over switches or routers. The communication between the two systems is done over the 802.11p network through the EVK-3300 devices.