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Projekte sind ein essenzieller Bestandteil des Curriculums von Mobile Computing. Die Studierenden bekommen die Möglichkeit, das im Zuge ihres Studiums erworbene theoretische Wissen selbst praktisch umzusetzen. Ein sowohl für StudentInnen als auch für Lehrende immer wieder spannendes Unterrichtskonzept, in dem schon erfolgreiche Startups wie z.B. runtastic und Butleroy ihre Anfänge gefunden haben.

Tracking objects on webcam pictures

The goal of this project is to find and implement a suitable object tracking approach to track moving objects from an ordinary and static camera.
Mar 2018 - Jul 2018    mehr

Character Recognition with STABILO ErgoPen

The aspect of this project is to recognize handwritten characters which are written with a ballpoint-like sensor enhanced digital pen in real-time.
Mar 2018 - Jul 2018    mehr

Optical MIMO

This project tries to improve the performance of visual light communication between vehicles by utilizing MIMO.
Mar 2018 - Jul 2018    mehr

Detecting Fundamental Frequency of Drums

This project aims to offer a cheap, easy and mobile solution for tuning drums using smartphones.
Mar 2018 - Jul 2018    mehr

Debugging: Isolating failure causes and cause-effect chains

The main objective is to enhance debugging techniques and automate the debugging process which can save a lot of effort and time. The projects covers the implementation of various debugging techniques and an analysis of their results.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr

Location-Based Gaming Incentives

A location-based game prototype for analysing the incentives behind those kind of games. The core mechanic for the game is to allow the players to occupy certain territories.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr

Polymorphic Code: A Metamorphic Code Engine for ARM

The goal for the whole master thesis project is to build a state of the art metamorphic code engine which supports at least the ARM architecture, but preferably has an easy to adopt open design. In this second project we implement a metamorphic code engine and use the results of last semester project to add a benchmark of compare the effectiveness of each successive generation.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr

V2X Intersection Surveillance System

The aim of the project was to realize a system in which a blind spot within an intersection can be seen inside the car through a live stream provided by a camera which is pointing to that spot. The system consists of an IP-Camera, two EVK-3300 V2X Evaluation Kits and a Smartphone/Tablet. The software consists of two ITS Apps and one Android app to display the stream.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr

The Digital Garden

The aim of this project is to further integrate outdoor aspects like gardening and pool care into existing home automation systems. Also, a platform for contractors, providing relevant services, is created to further integrate into the system and intelligently provide professional support to the user.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr

Measurement of Software Quality in OSS Projects

The goal of this project is to find and apply different metrics on projects to establish a comparative view. The quality of different mobile open-source software projects is compared through calculating a score which is influenced by the result of defined metrics.
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018    mehr
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