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[fhLUG] Linux User Group: Arch Linux - why you want to use it

Am 17. Dezember lädt die Linux User Group zu einem Vortrag über das Betriebssystem "Arch Linux" ein. Mobile Computing Absolvent Rainhard Findling wird im Rahmen des Vortrags das Betriebssystem vorstellen und darauf eingehen, warum sich Arch als Daily-Work-OS (operating system) eignet.

>> What: Talk - Arch Linux: why you want to use it
>> When: Monday, 17. December 2018, 18:30-21:30
>> Where: HS3, FH2, Ebene 0
>> Who: Rainhard Findling, Aalto University/FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg

Language: English

Arch Linux is perceived as a powerful Linux distribution “for professionals”. This open evening lecture by Rainhard Findling points out why Arch Linux is neither difficult to learn nor difficult to handle in daily usage. It covers core concepts of Arch, including differences and advantages/disadvantages of Arch over other distributions, as well as requirements Arch has towards its users. It also highlights why you might want to use Arch yourself, and in which situations Arch might be a good choice for your Linux distribution.

The speaker: Rainhard Findling is an FHOÖ/Hagenberg alumnus (BSc/MSc in Mobile Computing in 2011/2013), and an JKU Linz alumni (Dr. techn. in Computer science in 2017). He currently is a post-doctoral researcher in the Ambient Intelligence Group at Aalto University, Helsinki area, Finland. He further is an external lecturer of FHOÖ/Hagenberg. His research interests and professional activities are centered around the intersection of machine learning with sensor data for ambient intelligence, security, and human behavior analysis. For his professional activities Rainhard relies on Arch Linux as his primary work OS.

Open lecture, no registration required.