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Sergio Potenciano Menci, Spain

"I’m studying at the University of Applied Sciences because our future is computer based, and where else to get better IT knowledge than in Hagenberg. The University offers diverse and very interesting master’s programmes, and I should say that all of them are tuition free. The Energy Informatics master is a unique and pioneering programme, which contains a mix of IT and domain knowledge in energy. After finishing my studies I hope to become a “new type” of Energy Engineer with solid knowledge in the fields of renewables, e-mobility and green technologies.

The University has a very modern, safe, green and well-equipped campus, with a wide range of seminar and meetings rooms, a spacious sport hall, and a bright library with many books and academic journals. There are not that many students, so by the end you get to know almost everyone on campus, and don’t have to eat lunch alone any longer."

Pramod Guruvareddy, India

"I’m studying at the University of Applied Sciences because it offers a good infrastructure, flexible curriculum and tuition-free degrees. The university’s teaching staff, who possess both scholarly qualifications, and industry expertise, provide excellent academic training. All the courses that I attend are well-structured and very interactive.  

I was always interested in pursuing a career in a field, where I can see the impact of computers on the human life. The Master in Energy informatics, which covers topics like home automation, smart grids, SCADA and PLC, gives me this opportunity and makes my expectations come true."

Anastasiia Mishchenko, Ukraine

"I chose ENI because this is our future. Renewable resources are a reality even now, from year to year demand will only increase. This program is brand new and gives you a chance to get the mixture of IT and energy domain knowledge. Graduates gain solid knowledge in both fields, which makes them capable of being competitive and demanded employees in the future."

Osamah Al-Ghammari, Yemen

"The Master’s programme Energy Informatics opened my eyes to e-mobility, smart grids and renewable resources. I realized that there are many ways to reach more sustainable energy economy in a modern world. I had personally enjoyed the informative visits to the cutting-edge enterprises such as Kreisel Electric, Austrian Institute of Technology and Linz AG. Another important aspect of this master’s programme is the diverse background of each student in a classroom, which makes the study process a unique, fruitful and holistic experience."

Md Mahmudul Hasan, Bangladesh

"I have an electrical engineering background and I believe that getting a master’s degree in energy informatics is the best way to broaden my knowledge in the area of intelligent IT solutions. I am keen to learn more about new advanced technologies like smart grid, smart meter, smart city infrastructures & energy supply systems. There are many job opportunities in this field since the role of renewable energy is growing dramatically.

What I really like about living on campus in Hagenberg, is that all people are very welcoming and helpful. The study environment is very international and nice, the teaching staff is experienced and highly qualified, and the students are open-minded and super motivated."

Shievam Kashyap

Christoph See