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Vortrag: Game Development in Austria – a historical retrospective and an outlook into the future | FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg

This talk will a provide a general history of Austrian game development since 1991, including the closure of Rockstar Vienna and the pulsating scene that emerged afterward. It will also look at the very successful local educational and training scene, in which Hagenberg in particular, has played a significant role. In addition, the lecture will also offer insight into how to enter the commercial side of the industry. There talk will also highlight a few success stories of the local game development community and why there are good reasons to be part of this fascinating but challenging industry.


Language: English

Where: University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg, Atikon HS4 (FH2)

When: 26th January 2023, 6 pm

Important notice: At 5:30 pm, right before Martin’s talk, the annual award ceremony of the Hagenberg Game Jam will take place. So stop by beforehand to find out which of these games won the coveted people’s choice and jury awards!

Registration for faculty members via FH OÖ Career Zone, for external participants via mail

Lecturer: Martin Filipp

Martin Filipp started his game industry career in 2000 at neo Software, which in 2003 became Rockstar Vienna, and served the management in various positions until the company’s closure in 2006. He was then a founding member of Games That Matter in the same year, introducing a new and innovative production model for game development.

In the summer of 2010, Martin started a 3-year adventure at Io-Interactive in Denmark, working on several HITMAN titles in various positions. After three years in Scandinavia, Martin supported the Austrian Xbox team with the launch of Xbox One in 2013.

After a thrilling time at Microsoft, Martin was called back to the content side of the games industry, joining former Rockstar colleagues at the Austrian developer Mi’pu’mi Games. Returning to the roots of game development, Martin helps the founders run the studio’s organizational activities as COO & Managing Director.

Finally, Martin is a founding member and current chair of the Pioneers of Game Development Austria ( This non-profit association is focused on supporting, showcasing and accelerating the development of Austrian games and the game business.